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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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where i came from, what i look like. it won't even matter. there is nothing you can do. you can talk bad about me but you can't take that you have to address me at champ. yes, wurp a terrible champ but hey, champ. >> champ it is. -- yes, you were a terrible champ but hey, champ. the miami heat beat oklahoma city in five games for the team's second title. plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all your top stories. tony is here with me. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is tuesday, june 26th. 5:00 a.m. right on the nose. beautiful out right now.
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very mild, quiet outside. the humidity levels are low so it is really comfortable. good morning. i'm will thomas. >> i'm tony perkins. sarah is off this morning. this is tucker barnes. you said the cold front would come through. it came through and late yesterday in the late afternoon and during the evening, it was so nice. it was breezy. it was great. >> nothing but breeze. no mosquitos out. >> that is what i love. >> yes.
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>> yeah. the day before it was mosquito and gnat city. >> mosquitoes typically love me but so far, i've been spared. you haven't apparently. >> no. temperature are so comfortable, we are in the upper 50s and low 60s. 58 in baltimore and dulles. 64 some town. these are some of our coolest temperatures in town. the humidity level is low. we'll be in for another quiet day. lots of sunshine today, a nice breeze expected out of the north and northwest. it will be brzezinski iwith winds gust -- it will be breezy with winds gusting to about 25. this is the pick of the week as our temperatures will be in the pleasant range. there you go, 80 in washington. . >> good morning. once again, problems along canal road as you travel down
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towards clark place. travel between reservoir and arizona. we do have reports of a large tree down across the highway and the roadway now blocked. we'll steer you away from canal road. it will be a better ride for you headed down towards potomac crossing. nice, easy trip headed down towards the lane divide. authorities were checking for an incident. 395 here at the 14th street bridge, still an easy go crossing over the potomac headed for the southeast- southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. . we are following breaking news from northern virginia, an apartment fire in reston. >> dozens of people have been evacuated and apartments damaged. >> reporter: right now, firefighters are still here trying to take care of some hot spots. the fire has been mostly put out but there is still some smoke coming out of the building over here. people are being allowed back into the apartments that have not been heavily damaged to get medicine, clothes and other
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things they may need. the fire appears to have started somewhere in or near some of the apartments where you can see it has been destroyed. the complex called sudden ridge is just off north village road. this fire started just after 1:00 this morning b100 people, 54 apartments, had to be evacuated. many of the people likely sleeping at the time. when firefighters arrived, at least two of the apartments were fully engulfed and spreading quickly through the roof t took about 100 firefighters to get this con takenned but not before 10 to 12 apartments were damaged. two to four of them likely destroyed. we do have fairfax county fire's captain willy bailey here to give us a few more details. what can you tell us about the situation as of now? >> as of now, we have the fire investigators about to enter the structure and try to locate what caused the fire. we have the emergency management here and also
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american red cross assisting residents that will need lodging today. right now, the firefighters are trying to protect as much stuff as possible. it was a total of 54 units that were somewhat affected, it be electricity, gas or whatever shut off but mainly 10 to 12 units that were affected with either fire, smoke, water damage, things of that nature. >> reporter: when you look at the damage, one of the things that comes to mind is injuries. was everybody able to get out safely and how were they able to get out? >> it was a blessing. everybody was able to get out safely. there was one minor injury to one citizen but they were treated on the scene and released. trying to locate -- there was three teenagers that i had spoke with and some other folks had spoke with that were knocking on the doors and letting everyone know there was a fire. i have not been able to locate them yet. i'm sure a lot of folk would like to say thank you to them. >> reporter: at this point, you are allowing some people to go
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back in to gather gather things. >> we are waiting on the fire investigators. probably within the next hour, we will be letting folks back in where we can turn the electricity on, turn the gas on and let them back in. but the ones immediately affected by the smoke, fire, water damage, they won't be going in. we are trying to make sure if there are important things like medication, thins of that nature, we are letting folks in to get that type of stuff. >> reporter: thank you very much. we have two to four apartments here likely destroyed. 10 to 12 damaged. people will be allowed back in shortly to try to get some things they may need. firefighters will be out here likely for several more hours trying to make sure this is completely out. right now, still a little bit of smoke coming out but the fire has been contained. that is the latest here in
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reston. back to you. >> thank you very much. now, another developing story from northern virginia. more than 12 hours in and a man is still barricaded inside a house on hill wood avenue in falls church. police are currently talking with the man. they say this all started with a call about some sort of domestic incident. the man as lone. he has fired some shots but not at officers. no one apparently was hurt. residents in the area have either been evacuated or asked to stay indoors. and d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of shooting two children, ages seven and eight, and a summer camp counselor in southeast. this happened yesterday afternoon on savannah street. police say the group of kids were participating in an informal summer activities program when they got caught in the gunfire which was aimed at someone else. all three victims are expected to be all right. big decision expected from the university of virginia today. the board of visit irs will
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meet this afternoon to finalize the fate of the school's recently ousted president. earlier this month, the governing board announced president theresa sullivan would resign in august due to philosophical differences. since then, students, faculty and alumnae have rallied in support of sullivan calling for her reinstatement. governor bob mcdonald has threatened to fire the entire board if this issue isn't resolved today. more reaction after the u.s. supreme court strikes down three parts of arizona's very tough immigration law but upholds the most controversial provision and lets police check the immigration status of anyone stopped for another reason if they're suspected of being undocumented. campaigning in new hampshire, president obama issued a statement pointing fingers at capitol hill and mitt romney told donors in arizona that el like the court to give more latitude to states -- he would like the court to give more
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latitude to states. robert griffin iii, a victim of an extortion attempt. also coming up, tropical storm debby wreaking havoc in florida. look at the street. it is like a river. hello, potomac. we'll share the latest as we continue. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ♪
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welcome back. making headlines this morning, an extortion scream involving redskins quarterback robert give inism ii. a former college basketball player is accused of threatening to release, quote, derogatory information about griffin. investigators arrested richard herd on friday during a sting in waco, texas. police say he contacted griffin's representatives last week threatening to release the information unless he was paid appear undisclosed amount of money. herd played basketball where griffin played football. bruce redmond and visibly distressed after his defense
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attorneys could not cross examine a witness for the progression after that expert fail to appear in court. his wife's body was found in a sewer pipe near the resort following a heated argument during a vacation with their two children back in april of 2010. if convicted, he faces 40 years to life in prison. debris from the 2011 tsunami in japan is now washing up on u.s. shores. >> who is responsibility is it to pay for the clean-up? we'll take a look coming up next. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast?
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debris from the twifn tsunami in japan washing up on u.s. shores 15 months after japan was devastated. there are questions over payment for the clean had been up. so far, oregon has agreed to pay a contractor $84,000 to dispose of a fishing dock that is more than half of the state's budget for clean-up. wash state has set aside $100,000 and one alaska senator is introduce ago bill to provide $45 million for debris clean-up. thousands of people in florida are without power this morning as tropical storm debby continues to drench parts of the state. it is not a strong storm but the massive amount of rain is causing chaos. it is blamed for at least one death. abandoned cars lined the street inned intoed areas.
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florida is far from in the clear. forecasters say the northern par part of the state could still get 10 to 15 inches of rain with other areas getting as much as two feet. that rip infiltrating portions of georgia and even south carolina. >> we'll look at it here in just a second. it is moving east at three miles per hour. >> so it started to shift a little bit. >> but it will take days and days to get across northern florida. the track has changed big time here. originally, forecasters thought it would go west across texas and now approximate t. will go across northern florida. >> they are saying some of the areas could see up to two feet of rain. >> just north of tampa and the panhandle have picked up 10 to 15 inches. they are forecasting another 10 inches. if you take a look at the forecast, you can see it here. it continues to just kind of spin just to the west -- west
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and north of tampa. you can see the heaviest rain across northern florida, southeast georgia where we continue to get some pretty good convection. this is the kind of storm they don't want down in florida where it just sits there for days and days. the winds aren't strong. 45miles per hour but it will be a big rainmaker here for the next several days. the good news is it is moving and it is forecast to across florida and a little further out to sea by friday. eventually, things will start to wind down but today, plenty pore rain in the forecast if you are head down towards or land ," jacksonville, into northeast florida as well. yesterday, they had a tornado watch for much of the day in the state of florida. let's shift gears here and talk local weather. we are absolutely perfect here to start your day. 63degrees right now in washington but it feels fantastic with low humidity. look at all the 50s breaking out. 54 in manassas. 52 in gaithersburg.
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59 in baltimore. i just look. our record low for the day is in the mid-50s here in washington. you get the idea. these temperatures are not typical of this time of year. 63 in leonardtown. nice-looking start to the day. very comfortable start to the day. perfect conditioned out there with lots of sunshine and upper 70s, low 80s. nothing but high pressure out to the west. it will be a little breezy here from time to time with winds out of the north and west. cool start, pleasant afternoon. 08 your daytime high. your winds out of the north and west gusting to about 25. you can keep the windows open tonight. we do warm it up by the end of the week. temperatures will be in the mid- 90s. we'll fine tune the forecast as we get closer. that is weather. let's do traffic and see if julie wright is smiling this morning. >> good morning. right now, southbound along
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270, that is where we have tie- ups. it is a three-car accident and a fuel spill tying up the right side of the road as you travel southbound out of germantown. you may want to pick up 355, use that as the workaround. for those that are continuing along canal road, we had wires and trees down across the highway near clark place before arizona avenue. all of that activity now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. now to a story topping headline nationwide. child prostitution happening right under our noses in the united states. the fbi took dozens of teenaged prostitutes off the streets over the wound with operation cross-country. one child told agents she was recruited by her pimp at just 11 years old. fox's jonathan hunt has more. >> reporter: the fbi offering a glimpse into america's child sex trade now that they've taken 79 highly vulnerable kids
5:21 am
off the streets and out of the hands of their pimps. ranging in age from 13 to 17, the children rescued from an underground world where their time and their bodies are traded for cash. >> many times, these children are from broken homes, troubled background. >> reporter: federal authorities arresting 104 pimps during three days of a nation wiewd takedown in 57 u.s. cities. a massive undertaking involving 2500 federal, state and local police officers. >> this is a problem that the average citizen doesn't see. >> reporter: fbi data shows child prostitution as an evolving crime now considered a nationwide epidemic. >> not only does it happen in american cities but it happens to american kids. >> reporter: the fbi says many of these vulnerable children were recruited through social media, chat line and text messaging, then groomed to rely
5:22 am
on their pimps. >> the child feels entrapped. they don't feel they can leave because they know they would be starving on the street so they have to stay with the individual to make their way. >> reporter: child advocates say this fbi initiative highlights appear urgent need for an increase in social super bowl sees. many of these teen prostitutes have nowhere to go when they are released from police custody, sprung without guarantee of a life outside of the sex trade. jonathan hunt, fox news. -- an increase in social services. dozens ever families in -- dozens of families in prince george's county are out of their homes, some could be indefinitely. we'll have a report after this break.
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homicide of young g people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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welcome back. days after severe storms battered parts of prince george's county, many neighbors are still cleaning up and trying to get back to normal. >> others are salvaging what is left and looking for a new place to live. meantime, the county is assessing the damage on their own to see if it meets the criteria for an emergency declaration so they can receive federal funds. fox 5's wisdom martin has more this morning. >> reporter: walter taylor, a nine-year bloodnessburg resident, heard loud noises and thought there was a water type
5:26 am
issue. his two daughters were in their bedrooms. >> the roof leaking from up top and all the water here. >> reporter: his wife was in the bedroom where water started dripping from the ceiling. we were catching the water. last time she go for a bucket inside, she jump and running and screaming all over the place. >> reporter: the roof in the bathroom also collapsed. turns out test a microburst. this is what it looked like afterwards. roofs were ripped off buildings. walls were knocked down. cars smashed and tossed around. >> it is a lot of water and soaked inside. >> reporter: ruth murray lives in this building. she was getting ready to celebrate her birthday that night. >> it was scary.
5:27 am
we see like a van literally go flying right in a pole, right into the tree or the pole right there and the roof flew on top of that. oh, my god, it was terrible. i never seen anything like it. >> reporter: county officials say there were two minor injuries. they also say 21 structures are unsafe to live in. so dozens of families ended up in temporary shelters set up at bloodnessburg high school. others like walter will stay with family. >> all of this not going to make anything different. -- shelters set up at bladensburg high school. >> wisdom martin, fox 5 us in. the county is asking resident with structural damage to call this number. the county emergency operations center is where you will be directed. straight ahead on fox 5. tucker has an update on our forecast. it is a good one and julie has
5:28 am
a check on the roads. >> sherry ly is following today's top stories. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an early morning fire ripped through a condo building in reston. dozens of people had to be evacuated. we'll have the very latest coming up. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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welcome back. will, tony and tucker with you
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and tucker has the latest on our weather. >> the guy show. >> momentarily. julie will interrupt us soon. >> much of the region has fallen back into the 60s. new york, 5 # degrees this morning. detroit, 56. -- new york, 58 degrees this morning. definitely lunch outdoors today as high temperatures will top out in the upper 70s to about 08. that is about seven degrees below normal for this date. and without much humidity, it will feel great too. you can see how quiet it is. not expecting any rain shower or thunderstorm activity today. the worst it was will be the breeze which will be out of the north and west and will gust at time from about 20 to 25. with temperatures about 80 and just a few clouds, it should
5:32 am
feel close to perfect. >> time to get interrupted. julie wright, good morning. >> you know, somebody has got to keep the three stooges in line. >> you knew she was going to serve us up something. >> we deserve it. >> southbound 270, here is the accident activity at 118 in germantown. three cars involved. rollbacks are on the scene along with state police. most of the activity just tying up the right side of the road at this point but big delays coming from at least father hurley boulevard. bailout, pick up 355 and use that as your workaround. lanes are open once again headed out to the capital beltway. your lanes are open between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. boys, back to you. >> thank you.
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we continue to follow breaking news from northern virginia this morning. part of a condominium complex goes up in flames in reston. >> a number of units have been damaged or destroyed. fox 5's sherry ly is live on the scene in reston. tell us was going on. >> reporter: right now, investigators are preparing to go into the apartments to see what may have caused this fire. some of the people would live here are also being allowed to go back in to the apartments that have not been heavily damaged to try to retrieve some items, medicine, things that are necessary for them to have. you can see right over here are the heavy damage in this condominium apartment complex. some of the apartments clearly destroyed. this fire started just after 1:00 this morning. it is a two and three-story condominium apartment complex called sutton ridge. it is on gate hill place just off north village road about. 100 people in 54 apartments had to be evacuated. many of those people likely sleeping at the time. when firefighters arrived, they
5:34 am
say at least two of the condos were fully engulfed and as the fire spread quickly through the roof, it took about 80 to 100 firefighters to get this under control. one woman told me that the smoke smell woke her up and that she escaped just feet away from the flames. >> i went down stairs and as soon as i went down stairs, i saw the living room t looked like it was smoke. i looked -- it looked like it was smoke. i looked out the front window. i saw blazes. i ran upstairs to get my mom. >> reporter: everyone did get out safely. there was one woman treated for some minor injuries on the scene here just some smoke inhalation. at this point, firefighters do not know what caused this fire. they do tell us that there were three teenagers on skateboards who happened to see the fire and went door to door knocking, telling people to get out.
5:35 am
and that appears to have helped. that is the latest here in reston. back to you. >> thank you very much. now, we are also still following a developing story from falls church. a man is still barricaded inside a house on hillwood avenue. police made contact with him. they are currently talking to him. this all start wade call about some sort of domestic incident around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the map is alone. he has fired some shots but not at officers. residents in the area have either been evacuated or asked to stay indoors. d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of shooting two children, ages seven and eight, and a summer camp counselor in southeast. this happened yesterday afternoon on savannah street. police say the group of kids were participating in an informal summer activities program when they got caught in the crossfire. that gunfire was aimed at someone else. all three victims are expected to be all right. on the campaign trail
5:36 am
today, president obama heads south. the prewill speak at fundraisers in atlanta and miami beach. republican candidate mitt romney comes to the old dominion today with a stop in salem. tomorrow being romney brings his campaign to northern virginia with an event in sterling. president obama is warning supporters the gop could likely outspend him in the fall campaign. republican super pacs are currently raising more money than democratic ones. the u.s. scream court handed the state of arizona a partial victory over its highly charged immigration law. bob barnard has the story this morning. >> reporter: many outside the supreme court were anticipating a ruling on the constitutionality of the affordable care act. president obama's landmark health care legislation. that will now come thursday. instead, the justices delivered a partial victory to the state of arizona reserving what
5:37 am
governor jan brewer calls the heart of the state's controversial immigration law. >> preys' an every other state's inherent authority to protect and defend its people has been upheld. >> reporter: the court upheld a provision in the arizona law requiring spice police to check the immigration status of someone they stop for another reason and suspect is in the country illegally. >> this is a disastrous decision for civil liberties and civil rights in america. >> reporter: not to worry says governor brewer and one of the state's most controversial sheriffs. >> civil rights will be protected. racial profiling will not be tolerated. >> we are probably the most trained organization in the country. a hundred of my deputies have been trained by federal agents, a five-week training, when we had the authority to enforce the illegal immigration laws. so we are well trained and we do this activity every day. >> reporter: forced to, some say, because the federal government fails to enforce the
5:38 am
border with mexico. >> it is absolutely crazy. they are not doing their job f you look at the constitution, it says that, what i state is invaded, that they have the right to defend themselves and that is what arizona is being is invaded. >> reporter: the court did strike down other parts of the law requiring all immigrants to carry registration papers with them. another allowing police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without warrants. >> the court spoke today. ultimately, last voice or the last world will be on election day when voter come out against discrimination and demand a comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. the supreme court is expected to rule thursday on the federal health care law. the biggest issue, the individual mandate, the requirement that most americans buy health insurance. twenty-six states including virginia challenge the law
5:39 am
arguing individuals can't be forced to buy insurance. facebook quietly launched a new feature on its site. details are coming up next. wall street closed down. the dow lost 138 points. the nasdaq fell 56 points and japan's nikkei dropped 70 points overnight. most asian and european markets are down after moody's cut the debt ratings of 28 banks in spain. investors are now waiting for this morning's report on first quarter growth in the u.s. that is due out later this morning. we'll be back in just a moment. x
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a grieving mother in south carolina is forced to pay to clean up after her son was killed by a drunk driver. loretta robinson spock at the sentencing of the driver who is an illegal immigrant. she said she can't work anymore because of the emotional impact from her son's death and keeps getting bills from the accident even though her sons what not at fall. she says a $50 bill to clean the street from her son's blood stung the most. if you say a four-letter word in middleboro, massachusetts you could soon be fined. dozens gathered outside town hall for a swear-in yesterday organized by a marine veteran. they were protesting the recent
5:43 am
measure passed by the town that would ban cursing in public. the law won't go into effect until the attorney general decides whether or not it is constitutional. just days after facebook added its new find friends nearby app, it is gone. mobile web page is blank. if you click on the find friends nearby tab, it goes to an error page. the app let users find other people near them and quickly add them to the network. this comess an app developer in new york accused facebook of ripping off his idea for the app. new rules for the royals. kate middleton, not quite a princess, so the queen is setting matters straight as to who she needs to curtsey for. >> this might surprise you. i was reading this earlier. then two children severely sunburned on a school field trip. their mother claims it could have been prevented but the school blocked the use of sunscreen.
5:44 am
we'll tell you why coming up next. 
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subway construction leads to an ancient discovery in northern greece.
5:47 am
archaeologists have uncovered a 230-foot sex of road built nearly 2,000 years ago. pieces of of the marble paved road were shown to the public yesterday. road was found about 23 feet below ground and officials say it follows rough will you the same path as the city's modern avenue. the duchess of cambridge may be in line to become the queen of england but don't forget she was once a commoner. and we can move on to another picture now. that means she doesn't rank as high as princesses alexandra, beatrice or eugenie. according to the new set of rules put in place by the queen, kate middleton bust now curtsey to the blood princesses when she is in their presence without prince william. when she is with her husband, she doesn't need to bend a knee to them. >> isn't that interesting? >> you were telling me all
5:48 am
about the other, with camilla. >> this is the thing with the royals. it is all about the history of the monarchy and protocol. >> we have some of that in the weather center. when it is just tucker and i, tucker curtsies to me. but if we are around sue palka, we both curtsey to her. >> or you could bow. >> maybe we should be bowing. >> you are correct, sir. >> we'll review all of that. >> we've got to work it out still. >> not what you make the interns do. >> it will be an absolutely gorgeous day. beautiful weather are upper 70s to about 80 for your daytime highs. a nice breeze out of the north and west so when you head out for will you please. today, it will feel nice and comfortable out there. our dew point temperatures are
5:49 am
currently right in the 40s. keep the windows open. our overnight lows later tonight and tomorrow morning will be as comfortable as this morning with temperatures falling back into the 50s and low 60s. join because the heat moves in by thursday. we will likely be back in the low 90s and right now, we are looking like upper 90s for many places by the end of the week. the heat will be back on by friday and saturday. many people love that too. good pool weather by the end of the week. right now, this is what you call great. 63 in washington. 61 in leonardtown. the entire area here north and west of 95 is in the 50s. 52349 baltimore. 55 at dulles. 55 in manassas and 54 in hagerstown. i mentioned the dew point temperatures have fallen back into the 40s so that is extraordinarily comfortable air for the end of june. sentinel sat-rad, we have high pressure building n our cold front from yesterday well off to the south and east now. high pressure is building in. we'll have plenty y of sunshine
5:50 am
the next several day. i don't think we've got even the possibility of any rain showers until the end of the week. highs as mentioned a few degrees below normal for a change, upper 70s to about 80. winds gusting to 25. another cool and clear evening. 62 the overnight low. winds out of the north and west at 10 to 15. here is your five-day forecast. 84 tomorrow and then there is your warm-up for the end of the week. mid-90s. could be a few showers or storms around by friday and saturday. let's do some traffic and julie wright has your latest. i think you should curtsey to me after i do the weather and hand it to you doing traffic. >> i'll give you a gesture, all right, mr. barnes. on the roads, southbound along 270, out of germantown, the three-car pile-up involving the fuel spill here along the right side of the road. we do have the lane open with the tow struck on the scene but a lot of activity here to see
5:51 am
and that is complicating our ride headed south. you may want to pick up 355, use that as the workaround. eastbound on 66 coming in out of manassas, your land are open. traffic flowing freely on 66. it is 234 south, south of 66 where we have accident activity in the roadway. southbound is closed. northbound, slow traffic is able to get by. inbound new york avenue, good to go at bladensburg road headed in towards the third street tunnel. >> thank you. now to i astory gaining national attention. two washington state children went to the hospital after getting severe sunburns during a school field day. >> and their mother says this could have been prevented with sunscreen but school district policy requires students to have a doctor's note to apply sunscreen at school. we have a report. >> i got a text in from my husband about 10 minutes latter with a picture of our daughter,
5:52 am
one of our daughters. and i was just heart broken. i got home and first thick i saw was one, two, three, they're all burned. >> reporter: jessie is seething tonight over sunburns her two daughters got during field day at their school. their skin so tender she took them to the hospital. >> one of my daughters has blisters on her nose, little water lifts and right up here and then the other daughter has them on her shoulders. it is starting -- the skin just sloughs off to the touch. >> reporter: it was raining tuesday morning when her churn left for school at point defiance element are you. the weather cleared, the sun came out and they all went outside for field day. she says her girls were put in harm's way. >> i said wow, that is remarkable that your staff are not empowered to mechanic a common sense decision about my child's safety. at the end of the day, if you can't put sunscreen on a kid, you could remove them from the source of danger. >> reporter: she says she was shocked to learn teachers
5:53 am
couldn't put sunscreen on the kids. it is against district policy. also, kids can only bring it themselves if they have a doctor's note. she knows she could have put sunscreen on the kids before they left for school. she was unaware of the policyen she is writing letter to the district and school board immediating with them to make a change. >> this is so egregious, so out of character and i feel like they're just resting on this idea that there is nothing they can do so she just don't even address it. >> the no sunscreen policy is apparently common because it can cause allergic reactions. the school district has since apologized and is revising its policy. one group of parents in new york is proving that they've still got it. >> they celebrated the last day of school with their kids by organizing a flash mob. we'll take a look at the performance getting a lot of
5:54 am
buzz this morning.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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it is that time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. look at that. very nice, maria ferias is our facebook fan of the day. she watches every morning from gaithersburg and says fox 5 is hike her morning coffee. she just can't start the day without it. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, just
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log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under maria's pith. >> she lookss like -- maria's picture. >> she looks like a movie star. take a look. they staged their own flash mop at ps10. they rocked out to the black- eyed peas and lmfao. for the first time ever, a museum restaurant here in d.c. has won a ramie award. >> allison will be here in just a couple of moments. i'll see you at 7:00. 
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